A map of 3 deaths and one birth: Sid, Nancy, and Joan Vollmer, and I.

A map of three public deaths with circumstances that teeter on the edge of being lost to time. Retained only by the recollections and investigations of third-parties.

John Simon Ritchie (a.k.a Sid Vicious) dies in 63 Bank Street, Lower Manhattan, in bed with Michelle Robinson. Heroin overdose. His mother is also in the apartment. Nancy dies in room 100 of the Chelsea hotel, from a single stab wound administered by someone. Sid was under a 1000 ton weight of 30 Tuinals. Six people’s fingerprints were found in the room and were named in the police report as persons of interest. Those names were erased after Sid, the prime suspect, died. The case was closed. Joan Vollmer was killed by a single .380 ACP bullet to the forehead. She died at the Cruz Rojas down the street from the apartment above the Bounty Bar at 122 Monterrey in Mexico City, D.F. where it had happened in the presence of William S. Burroughs, Eddie Woods, Jr, and Lewis Adelbert Marker. Various other people were there within the short time that The William Tell Routine, as it’s called, took place.

982 Bute street, Dec 4th to 11th of 1985. Vancouver BC in the eighties. Hairspray and Escobar Coke. The Lotus, a club passed down through one generation of hipsters to another. Rene Mahound is conceived in the upstairs rear bedroom adjacent to Jim Deva’s bedroom. In the basement, an illiterate man slumbers without any furniture. This house now has an abhorrent swedish-flag paintjob.



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