Icy Stars [fresh out of lives]

“You stole my attention for 10 seconds. I spent it staring at your ass.
Now, I’m going to steal 10 of your seconds, and you’re going to spend them afraid and confused.”  Memorable thought.
I get short bursts of sleep with intense sprints of dreaming. One dream I had last night is almost totally gone from my memory now, but, I remember being at a house party in a condo, and watching my ex through a floor to ceiling window. I watch her drive the car I sold her onto a spit of land and throw her belongings off the cliff into the sea. After that, I followed her to an apartment that kept filling with people. There’s a scene where she’s asleep in a room, naked, half covered with dirty blankets, and I’m chasing off small human-like creatures with a disintegrating broom.
We went for sushi and talked, she asks me how I can just delete crushes from my mind.  [practice]

Rainbow BridgeDat feelDavie in the mistFragment of a terrible poemFurburgerpetey and junior


About autonodrom

25, male.
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