New Scanner//Late Summer

Ink, watercolour, coloured pencil.

Ink, watercolour, coloured pencil.

"man with lobster claws for hands" comic with pencil and ink.

“man with lobster claws for hands” comic with pencil and ink.

Got a Canon LIDE 220 scanner for scanning drawings and other flat objects I can fit between it’s jaws. A big advantage over having to stage photographs of things. Which was a tremendous drag. Full spectrum light and quality cameras being difficult to come by in these parts. Had to get a decent enough shot and then post-process it.

The dryer at my house, which is shared with a multitude of people, ceased to function the other day, so Mobar and I travelled to the laundromat deep in the ghetto. For such a small town there’s a robust downtrodden neighbourhood with newly-built offices and somewhat gentrified properties standing empty. Pawnshops and strange businesses which never seem to be open. We travel to a laundromat/convenience store. As is often the case this is a thriving hub of local activity. Some friendly people talked me through the ropes and secret hacks of the dryer machines. People ambling by, as we watch my clothes tumble dry. I take photos outside during a cigarette, as the burning sun peeks through a hole in the clouds that have been pouring rain. I seem to have made a new friend. A strange small, slender creature. Odd scattered attention of the young. (I’m now so old… thirty something?) Sifting through the appropriate documents to find credentials of my existence to get around the Conservatives’ “Fair Elections Act” [perverse misnomer, as it is in fact the exact opposite] Technically, I’m a transient, of employment but no fixed address. Exactly the sort of person they want to disqualify from voting. Have to get this done. Control is inevitable, every political spectrum has, as it’s most extreme form, a state of total control. Socialism, in it’s worst demonstrated form, leading to Stalinism. Capitalism leading to oligarchical, kleptocratic wastelands. The third-way democracies of the west are creeping towards the latter the harder that recessions bite. Somehow hardship makes it easy for right-wingers to convince people to blame things on immigrants, leftists, etc… instead of themselves and get re-elected. I’m queasy with fear at the idea that Trump may actually become Prez. “At last a true alpha male in the white house” I read in a tweet somewhere.
There’s no way to even begin to…. I’ve stopped believing that there’s any way to communicate or explain anything to anyone. Humans do not communicate. They broadcast, do not receive. Half-duplex system of human interaction.   I really have so little social stamina left… to deal with people and keep them supplied with attention. There’s nobody left in here, I’m just a passive machine. Laughing and nodding with my head on a spring.

laundromat whirling phone photo

laundromat whirling phone photo

sun breaking through the clouds

sun breaking through the clouds


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