Dream, night of Thanksgiving Day 2015.

Violently sick walking home. No rain, no stars. Wet and cold. Body aches, I stop now and then to vomit. Get home, ingest drugs to quell the pain, eat some turkey dinner (5-MAO?) and sleep.

I’m in some kind of college with a strange girl I’m in a relationship with. Not exactly a dream facsimile of a real person, the body is different. She’s heavier, wears lots of flowing cloths to hide it. But, she’s ample and intense. Willing. Affectionate. Stuff that I’d let go of and forgotten about. The human side of human closeness. Not just wild, chemical driven eroticism. Sweetness and tenderness… Humanitas. A slight sadness follows me in this early set-piece. We cut to a school that she and I seem to be attending. It’s a labyrinthine place of higher learning. A college or something with a myriad of different classes. We’re accompanied by various other students. People who radiate normativeness.

[as I write this the dream vestiges are deleting themselves. Reaching for something that dies as you touch it.]

She and I hit a rocky patch on a sunny day outdoors. Did we take a bus here with other students? Seems that way. She’s miffed with me and turns around and walks into a bakery that specializes in edible cannabis. I look up and the sky is filled with heavy-cargo airplanes. Their rear doors open, and people begin leaping out, skydiving. The people are followed by cars, hummers, Cadillacs. They accelerate out the rear cargo door and plummet into the sky, wheels spinning… this is the end of my recollection.


About autonodrom

25, male.
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