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25, male.

The Worm Collector

A comic I’m kinda working on. I need practice with this… pg 4 – 7 coming soon… maybe Advertisements

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Dream, night of Thanksgiving Day 2015.

Violently sick walking home. No rain, no stars. Wet and cold. Body aches, I stop now and then to vomit. Get home, ingest drugs to quell the pain, eat some turkey dinner (5-MAO?) and sleep. I’m in some kind of … Continue reading

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Dream: September 14th

I’m an old man in a Victorian prison cell with a tiny brown mouse. I’ve grown a long, tangled beard. The mouse has begun a campaign of writing me notes using the scraps of paper I have collected. He dips … Continue reading

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New Scanner//Late Summer

Got a Canon LIDE 220 scanner for scanning drawings and other flat objects I can fit between it’s jaws. A big advantage over having to stage photographs of things. Which was a tremendous drag. Full spectrum light and quality cameras … Continue reading

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La Serenidad

¬† ¬† Fuck Blogger’s inability to post things with images in them. It’s horseshit. I”m so sick of it. Never got it to work. Need to fix things. So many things to fix. Needs fixing. My town was covered in … Continue reading

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Murderfingers: The Soul of Ruin

Murderfingers: The Soul Of Ruin. Cursed fingerprints that turn everything to shit with a touch. [installments to the Destrudo Pages] A touch, a word, anything at all, intent is not important, like a single infectious bacterium. Everywhere you go, Everyone … Continue reading

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Icy Stars [fresh out of lives]

“You stole my attention for 10 seconds. I spent it staring at your ass. Now, I’m going to steal 10 of your seconds, and you’re going to spend them afraid and confused.” ¬†Memorable thought. I get short bursts of sleep … Continue reading

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