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La Serenidad

    Fuck Blogger’s inability to post things with images in them. It’s horseshit. I”m so sick of it. Never got it to work. Need to fix things. So many things to fix. Needs fixing. My town was covered in … Continue reading

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Works in progress Jan 29th || Massive art jag

I’ve been on a roll lately, with the visuals. It’s one of the most joyous feelings in life to have things self-assemble at your fingertips. Rather than dissolve into a urine-coloured soup that grabs you by the gorge. Surrounded by … Continue reading

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Two untitled drawings

A drawing in my sketchbook that forced it’s way out of me in a single session during a quiet depth of despair and anger. I like the surface of the paper in the sketchbook more than my usual 50 to … Continue reading

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Expedition: Sep 14th, Dragonbeard’s expositions.

Jim Carrey once performed at the Massey Theater? Guess it’s possible. I met George Chuvalo there once. He told a moving narrative of losing his entire family to drugs and suicide. Such acute misfortune seldom falls on so few people … Continue reading

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Purple Sweatervest || Father’s Day

I’m using BloGTK 2.0to make blog posts lately, which is pretty cushy and effective compared to using the WordPress interface right in the browser. I was having a hard time finding a Blog client for Gnome which could handle all … Continue reading

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