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Dream, night of Thanksgiving Day 2015.

Violently sick walking home. No rain, no stars. Wet and cold. Body aches, I stop now and then to vomit. Get home, ingest drugs to quell the pain, eat some turkey dinner (5-MAO?) and sleep. I’m in some kind of … Continue reading

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New Scanner//Late Summer

Got a Canon LIDE 220 scanner for scanning drawings and other flat objects I can fit between it’s jaws. A big advantage over having to stage photographs of things. Which was a tremendous drag. Full spectrum light and quality cameras … Continue reading

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A map of 3 deaths and one birth: Sid, Nancy, and Joan Vollmer, and I.

A map of three public deaths with circumstances that teeter on the edge of being lost to time. Retained only by the recollections and investigations of third-parties. John Simon Ritchie (a.k.a Sid Vicious) dies in 63 Bank Street, Lower Manhattan, … Continue reading

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Dream: boxing day > Dec 27th // poem // found #0003382554

Very strange one. Slept the whole night through to the next morning, this morning. Fell asleep again for a 1 Hour sprint of pure dreams: A huge, cavernous machine space. ¬†Halls and whole canyons of metal, pipes, and machinery. Within … Continue reading

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Drawing: “http|ftp” // Kingdom of night

New drawing: “http|ftp” “I just wanna say this: Slartibreakfast!” Finish work, late night, everything done early so… sharpen knives, clean up, organize pens, remove trash. Finally, do pushups and chin-ups on the stock scaffolds. (If I’m renting out my muscles … Continue reading

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Progressivo (notes) || Ergota (art) || Repent Sinner? (found)

||Found: Repent Sinner|| Has anyone in the Vancouver areas been seeing those Repent Sinner stickers? I would welcome any information or anecdotes that anyone has. Please comment or E-mail me with them. The other day I was digging through a … Continue reading

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|| Harlan Ellison || Orientation || Loserdom? ||

The PDF of “I have no mouth and I must scream“, by Harlan Ellison. Apparently he wrote it in one night. It’s only about 13 pages long. ———–=====================————— Orientation – Jul 14th Again I pass through the gates of an … Continue reading

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