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Icy Stars [fresh out of lives]

“You stole my attention for 10 seconds. I spent it staring at your ass. Now, I’m going to steal 10 of your seconds, and you’re going to spend them afraid and confused.”  Memorable thought. I get short bursts of sleep … Continue reading

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Dream night of 24-25th june // photos

I’ve had this dream before. But, it wasn’t fresh to me until I was in the process of having the dream. The lead up to the body of it was different. I receive a piece of mail in my mailbox that says I am … Continue reading

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Dream: boxing day > Dec 27th // poem // found #0003382554

Very strange one. Slept the whole night through to the next morning, this morning. Fell asleep again for a 1 Hour sprint of pure dreams: A huge, cavernous machine space.  Halls and whole canyons of metal, pipes, and machinery. Within … Continue reading

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Drawing: “http|ftp” // Kingdom of night

New drawing: “http|ftp” “I just wanna say this: Slartibreakfast!” Finish work, late night, everything done early so… sharpen knives, clean up, organize pens, remove trash. Finally, do pushups and chin-ups on the stock scaffolds. (If I’m renting out my muscles … Continue reading

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The Anti-social Network // Dream Record: Night of 28th/29th March

“The Anti-Social Network“ Found this documentary in a tweet from Chris Addison, about the internet trolling of various vulnerable people in Britain. I cannot say that this behaviour fazes me. You can never underestimate the boundless inhumanity of humanity, especially … Continue reading

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